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Presenting your products and services through Multimedia FLASH presentations is a great way of introducing the company to forthcoming clients. TCM delivers vibrant and interactive solutions to our clients. It is best way to enhance your corporate image, introducing new products and services, interacting with customers and leave utmost impact on them. Our solutions related to Flash Multimedia are blend of effective presentations and message clarity help you developing positive image and grow better.

Our services include full range of Multimedia / Business CD-ROM Presentation, E-Catalogue, E-brochures Design Services.

Flash & Multimedia Presentation
Corporate Presentation:
It has been said that, first impression is the last impression, is also true in business field. Presenting a company and its product in a well manner is equally important as producing a good product. With the advent of the Information technology, companies have also realized the need to incorporate their identities into their Web sites and other forms of electronic media. With this in mind, one of the biggest electronic media tools available for businesses is the Multimedia presentation. Multimedia Presentation allows you to present your corporate information in a very presentable manner using high quality graphics, animation, videos and sounds. CD_ROM presentations are easy to maintain, cost saving, user-friendly, and interactive.
E-Catalogue/Product Catalogue:
In the E-Catalogue/Product Catalogue, business houses can present their products with precise description and information about their business with excellent artwork created by animation and interactive (to end user) techniques. The customers can view and study the products and related information by just pressing few buttons. A catalogue has the capacity to store more than 2000 photographs of products (the quantity may vary according to programming and designing) which help the businessman to have all their products and related information in a single CD Album or a Pen Drive which can be carried in a shirt pocket instead of carrying voluminous photo albums all the time and everywhere.
An e-brochure plays a great role in advertising and promoting a company to secure a strong online presence. An e-brochure is as good as multi page website offering relevant content and information about a company or a product or service to be launched. Our Team constantly interact with the clients to gain all the relevant information that can be used in the brochure. With our affordable e-brochure services you can save a lot on printing. If you already have a Brochure or Catalogue printed we can convert them as well into an E-Brochure.
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